Season I: A Brave New World is finally out of the planning stages. It should be be composed of three acts of roughly 4 episodes/issues each. Obviously, this will all change when the players jump in. But, at least there’s a plan:) The episode/issue names are placeholders only. They can and WILL change as the game develops.
1: Home Invasion
2: Working Woes
3: My Hero

Season I: A Brave New World
Act I: In the Dark
Ep 1: The Gathering
Ep 2: Breakin the Law
Ep 3: Freeway Firefight
Ep 4: Those Who Came Before, Part 1 “Progenitors”

Act II: The name of Act II
Ep 5: Those Who Came Before, Part 2 “Dr. Prior, I presume…”
Ep 6: Fight Fire with…
Ep 7: Recruiting
Ep 8: Alpha Strike

Act III: The name of Act III
Ep 9: Friends in High Places
Ep 10: The Doctor is In… Pain
Ep 11: Round Two
Ep 12: The Source, Part 1

Keep in mind, these names are placeholders only.


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